World Brand Laboratory Authority issue 丨 People Electric brand valued at 36.708 Billion Yuan


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June 20, the list of 2018 "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands", which was selected by the World Brand Laboratory, was released in Beijing. In this annual report based on financial data, brand strength and consumer behaviour analysis, the National Grid, Tencent and Haier ranked top three of the list


It is worth mentioning that the People Electric Appliance Group with a brand value of 36.708 billion yuan and ranked 124th in China has been on the list for 15 consecutive years. In Zhejiang Province, a total of 35 brands were selected and People Electric Appliance Group is ranked seventh place in the province.


People Electric Appliance Group brand value is increasing and the brand's fame and reputation is also steadily improving. This is closely related to People Electric Appliance Group in many aspects, such as technological innovation, management innovation, resource integration and warm services. 


Technological Innovation for Brand Empowerment


Group Chairman Zheng Yuanbao said, in the last decade, a leap-forward transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, the  brand has become an important intangible assets of the enterprise. In today's momentum, People Electric Appliance Group has always revolved around the spirit of “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity”.  Tapping on implementation, innovation, effectiveness and focus on intelligence oriented innovation and development, sped up the construction of innovative industrial clusters. Meticulous layout of PEOPLE’s technology, smart energy technology, microwave communication technology, environmental technology and other high-tech industries, driving the future of People Electric Appliance Group in technology and branding, we will certainly establish the Chinese National Brand internationally.

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