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Transcendence, Inheritance, Inspiration. People Electric Appliance Group to further enhance products new image, speed up the branding to international standards, and strengthening the People Electric Appliance Group position in the international market, the people's product identification is now fully upgraded. The new product logo will gradually replace the old logo.


After the new identification upgrade, "PEOPLE" as the main body of  identification, it's visually more clear, high end with a sense of quality, Highlighting the internationalization of the brand,  causing deep brand memories and recognition. It is now more conducive to overseas users of the brand understanding and awareness.


“PEOPLE” connotation:

Zheng Yuanbao knew: Development is the top priority, Talent is the top resource, Innovation is the top driving force. "PEOPLE" as the People Electric Appliance Group brand new product identification, the tone of the brand is now more concise and clear and also more consistent with the People Electric Appliance Group internationalization strategy.


The new identity font style matches People Electric Appliance Group core culture of “Smooth on the surface but firm at heart, low profile but vigorous”. Logo’s font cylindrical side, vigorous and powerful; every detail is integrated into the entrepreneurial spirit of  People Electric Group constantly strive for perfection, hard work and innovation.


A change, an attitude, the way to explore, an opportunity, in today's fragmented and subversive coexistence, People Electric has establish to create quality product, creating service with innovation and the idea of creating brand with creativity, displaying the connotation of the brand.

On AMr. Zheng Yuanbao: introducing the technology, and delivering the products
NextWorld Brand Laboratory Authority issue 丨 People Electric brand valued at 36.708 Billion Yuan

Products&ServicesTo provide safer electric product for the people of the world.

People electric serves for people


People electric serves for people

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