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Core of Decision-making Mechanism

By continuously innovating the management system, Renmin Electrical Appliances Group establishes organizations according to the modern enterprise system, formulates work standards and practices the system according to which the general manager shall assume overall responsibility under the leadership of the Board of Directors. All members of the Board of Directors centering on the board chairman are closely united to carry forward the team spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly and ensure maximum benefits of employees and customers.

By adhering to independent innovation and harmonious development, holding innovative and creative thoughts and keeping to the idea of scientific development conception, Renmin Electrical Appliances Group has realized important strides one after another and developed continuously at an extraordinary speed. In the new era, Renmin Electrical Appliances Group has become a diversified and internationalized super-sized enterprise focusing on the main line of industrial electrical equipment.


People Electrical Appliance Group has adhered to the tenet “building learning-oriented organization, creating knowledge-based team building up harmonious labor ralation.” on a long-term basis. The “Intelligence import project” with the aim to attracting senior management elites and the “Golden bridge project” for expanding the team of research personnel are playing an important role at People Electrical Appliance Group. The group is favorably inviting and recruiting more and more worldwide famous experts and scholars as well as undergraduate students, masters, and Ph.Ds. Striding towards the future for over one-hundred-year splendor. People Electrical Appliance Group is now provided with more than 20,000 employees and the overall qualification has come through a leap-forward from a quantitative basis to a qualitative basis!

Renmin Electrical Appliances Group persists in establishing a vigorous and harmonious enterprise, constantly optimizes and promotes enterprise culture, regards enterprise spirit and scientific development conception as the soul of the team, the soft driving power for sustainable development and the hard driving power of management economy to unceasingly create the brand of hundred years and culture of thousand years and seek for permanent development!