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Scientific Management

people Electrical Appliance Group deals with overall situation under the concept of scientific development. It studies and learns from advanced management methods from China and abroad constantly and continues innovating the mechanism of business management, bringing about the unique managerial pattern of People Electrical Appliance preliminarily. Thanks to years' practice, People Electrical Appliance Group has concluded the 8-factor management system of YYS rapid control (talent, project, production, quality, science and technology, marketing, logistics, brand) and the 6PS brand strategy management (production, propaganda, talent, sales, service, good faith). In recent years, the group has also launched the PCDM cored-performance excellence management patterns with individualities and marked by independent innovation.
Based on sustainable management, People Electrical Appliance Group concentrates on innovation in three aspects:
First, independent innovation of international environment, namely the in talent, system, technology, management, and culture;
Second, independent innovation of external environment, namely the independent innovation in governmental environment, economic environment, and industrial environment;
Third, independent innovation of resources integration, which means integration of global brands, markets, technologies, and information resources for win-win and revitalization.

Representation of power and wealth. Pearl, the embodiment of elegance and beauty.
Various resources inside the enterprise are like pearls. The resources integration is to link these pearls one by one through a most powerful main line to make all pearls become a whole.
Through its powerful brand force, Renmin Electrical Appliances Group integrates all valuable resources in a scientific way to make the best use of human, land and material resources. The whole team is like a string of closely associated pearls, glowing with brilliant light throughout the world.

Management Pattern

PCDM business management pattern is the unique, intelligent, and digital management means by People Electrical Appliance Group. PCDM, with the system for contracted responsibility as the core, utilizes digital management and is based on equality, impartiality, and openness. It is the crystallization of the management philosophy for independent intellectual property rights and of the intelligence and experience of the group.

P = People Pattern; C = Contract System; DM = Digital Management.

PCDM pattern decides, in the context of global competition, to bring about the  industrial electrical equipment as the major work and is supported by pluralized development, carry forward the initiatives of the wholly invested subsidiaries and companies with shareholding, and explore the maximum potentials of labor, equipment, and capital, thus achieving optimum economic efficacy.

Prominent Performance Management Pattern is a glodal scope assessment method that introducitng Baldringe criteria for Performance Excellence, combined with Chinese Practice, with organizational behavior as the initial point, centered with the guests, and based with quality. By introducing Performance Excellence Management pattern, People Electric Appliance Group totally improves its comprehensive managment level.

Original digital intelligent management, time may check its correct, history will renew.

Cradle of Talents

Group has drawn attentions from all walks of life. People Electrical Appliance Group, a fine example for the development of privately operated enterprises in China, creates a harmonious atmosphere for training of all kinds of talent. This hard-won case of management has thus become a fine example for numerous business schools in China in their MBA courses.
From 2002 on, People Electrical Appliance Group has become the MBA internship base for the University of International Business and Economics, Peking University, and Tsinghua Univeristy, and the management case study center and lecturing practice center for Shanghai University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, and Wenzhou University. The universities and the enterprise successfully erect a bridge for training medium-level and senior management professionals and technicians for the country.

Theory root in practice, and guide practice, the classical management of practical experience “People” personnel set up the communication bridge between society and enterprise.