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In the future, our orientation is to have a global outlook, global thinking, dream of the future.

Global outlook is to look at the world's enterprises, look at China's enterprises, and then look at their own businesses.

See through and have a clear thinking, clear direction. Global thinking is development globalization, talent integration, technology integration, brand integration, management integration, market integration, all integration and globalization.

Dream of the future, that is, we all have dreams, all work hard for the dream.

It will have development and future.


In future,we must go beyond historical development,combining with innovation,entrepreneurship, creativity,global outlook, thinking globally and dreaming of the future.

People Ele Group will continue to develop, social changes and change of times. We must have new ideas, new thinking, new models and new innovations to set new way for new differences.It's the new driving force for the mixed economy.


People Ele Group maintain traditional industries fast, health, continuous development. Traditional industries combine with capital industries, two-wheel drive turns to four wheels;traditional industries foster development of new industries, and carry on the family line; traditional industries combines with Internet & IOT,fast business operation,rapid spreading, placing、upgrading,quick cost reduction, for clients benefits. Traditional industries stand at the world, and establish a world-national brand, becoming one world brand. 

We set 135,145,155 ,165 strategic plans, in future, People Ele won't only sell products, but also operate company. There will be numerous listed companies, China Top 500 will turn into World Top 500.


From manufacture 2.0 upgrade to System 5.0, software 5.0 with hardware 5.0,  information technology 5.0, automation 5.0, data 5.0, intelligent 5.0, modular 5.0 and finally realizing large data 5.0. 

Upgrading then Internal Management to 5.0, Talent 5.0, Technology 5.0, Management 5.0, Market 5.0, Brand 5.0, Economy 5.0 and finally the realization of a large intelligent factory with production without the need of people and lights. 


Market economy,plan economy,capital economy has all been in place. 

We must learn five major economies, to promote development of three major economies.

1、Emerging strategic learning philosophy economy.

2、Emerging strategic learning dialectics economy.

3、Emerging strategic learning marine economy.

4、Emerging strategic learning new idea economy.

4、Emerging strategic learning time-cost economy.

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